The Ultimate Chicken Salad

I am always looking for recipes that last for more than one meal. This one I created a few years ago and it has been a favorite ever since. Not only is it easy to make, but versatile and healthy. Make this recipe for yourself or for a side or main dish for a luncheon or shower. 

Chicken Salad


 Approx 1 lbs. cooked chicken, cubed or shredded

2 stalks of chopped celery

1 chopped apple

½ small chopped red onion

½ c. dried cranberries

½ c. slivered almonds

Approx. 1 c. low-fat mayonnaise

Salt and pepper to taste

 Mix well and chill.

 Chicken Salad1A few notes:

For the chicken – I boil boneless skinless chicken breasts in a water/chicken broth mixture. You can also use the microwavable Tyson cubed chicken.

I typically use any type of green apple, but in the fall, use whatever you’ve picked at the orchard!

Mayo made with olive oil is a great lower fat mayo alternative. When adding the mayo, start with ½ cup and keep adding mayo until it reaches your desired consistency.

You can substitute grapes for apples and/or pecans or walnuts for almonds.

Serve it on a bed of lettuce, toasted bread, a croissant or baguette, or eat it by itself!

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4 responses to “The Ultimate Chicken Salad

  1. Lindsay Coil

    I’ve also made Steffie’s chicken salad using rotisserie chicken from Jewel or Costco! Yummmm.

  2. Hi there! I came over here from Jeans Friday. LOVE the site so far!!! And this chicken salad recipe looks delish. I must try asap!

  3. Dana

    I made the chix salad tonight ( in addition to making Katie’s tomato soup) It is super tasty!! I love chicken salad that has all the extras in it…I’m pretty particular. I ended up putting grapes, apples, celery, almonds and cranberries in it..and is is super yummy. I used light mayo, which I personally think has no flavor. It was okay…but I think it would be better with regular mayo. However…since I am almost out of light mayo, I am going to try the Olive Oil Mayo Steph suggested. Thanks for a great recipe!!!

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