Quick and Healthy Snacks

I am a girl who loves to snack. I often need to have something to munch on in between every meal in order to feel full all day. As you can imagine, this can add a lot of extra calories into my diet.

Over the years, I have developed a couple go-to snacks that curb my hunger but don’t necessarily kill my diet. All of these things are easy to keep on hand year round and can be made in a hurry. Here are my no fail healthy snacks.

-Apple slices dipped in 1 tablespoon of almond butter
-2 slices of deli turkey with a hand full of grapes
-One inch cube of hard cheese and 5 dried apricot halves
-Whole wheat crackers with low fat cream cheese sprinkled with dried cranberries
-Raw almonds mixed with dried fruit
-one whole grain toaster waffle spread with 1 tablespoon of nutella
-3 cups of air popped popcorn sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings

If you are feeling hungry throughout the day, reach for these healthy options instead of prepackaged 100 calorie packs or vending machine goodies and I promise you will have more energy and maybe even a smaller waistline!

Happy snacking!



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6 responses to “Quick and Healthy Snacks

  1. great snack ideas, and love your blog Rebecca

  2. I love almond butter. Just love it. It’s good with everything: apple slices, bananas, and dates! You must try this quick treat recipe: remove the date seed and fill it up with almond butter. Make more than one because you can’t stop eating them once you’ve started. I’m not sure just how healthy it is though …

    Great blog!

  3. Thanks for visiting me! We love apples and peanut butter. But have you tried Barney Butter? It’s the best!

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  5. This one is good and tasty..trying to be healthy is like climbing mount Everest and with this kind of food not a sweat..

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