How To: Hang Curtains

I am not much of a procrastinator but when it comes to projects around my house, I tend to put them off.  I realized that I have lived in my home for over 2 years now and still have not gotten around to hanging curtains. Simple task? I wasn’t sure, but I realized it was time for me to dig out the tool box and find out.

Turns out, once I committed to getting them hung, it only took a couple hours. When I saw the results, I was blown away at how such a small change could transform the room. It added instant warmth and I was so happy with the results.

Here are some before and after pictures:

Although hanging curtains seems like a daunting task, it it pretty easy if you follow some simple steps and have the right tools.  Here are some tips I learned along the way from source:

Gather these supplies:

curtain rods along with the brackets and screws that come with them
measuring tape
electric drill or screwdriver

Follow these simple steps:

First, start by measuring the length of your curtains and deciding how far from the floor you would like them to be.

Take the measurement of the curtains and add the desired distance from the ground. Then take this number and, with your tape measure, measure up from the floor and mark on the wall with a pencil. This marks the height of where you will hang your brackets.

Decide on the spacing of the brackets and mark both sides of the window with a pencil where the screws will go, ensuring they are exactly the same distance from the ground and match up with your measurement from the floor.

Next, place your curtain on the curtain rod and hold it up to this spot to “test” it and be sure you like the distance and the way they will look.

Finally, drill the holes for the bracket and fasten your brackets to the wall.

Once your brackets are up, you can hang your curtains.

Sounds simple, and surprisingly it is!



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4 responses to “How To: Hang Curtains

  1. Great tutorial! I couldn’t agree more on the power of curtains and I share in your delayed curtain-hanging predicament. My husband and I just hanged curtains before the holidays – 1.5 years after moving into our apartment! And it completely transformed the room! Great article!

  2. aluminum curtains rods are much lighter than those steel rods that we previously used -,*

  3. Von Landrigan

    Curtain rods that are made from stainless steel are still the best because they last for a long time. *;”.”

    Warmest wishes

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