Elemental Parties & Water’s Eclectic Tapas Party

Back in October, the ever-fabulous Catherine Sheppard, a stylist and Fashion Feng Shui guru, walked us through determining our elemental essences and applying it to home decor. This week we’re returning the blog love by sharing entertaining ideas inspired by our Fashion Feng Shui elements over at Catherine’s blog, The Life Styled.

We’ll be giving you a sneak peek at our party inspiration boards and then sending you over to The Life Styled to check out the details, plus playlists, ideas for hostess outfits, and recipes for signature cocktails. We found it surprisingly easy to plan a party with our own essence in mind and would recommend considering it the next time you entertain. Enjoy!

Water:  An Eclectic Tapas Party

When a small group of foodies are getting together, an international tapas party is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere and provide an intimate environment for personal conversation about food, politics, religion and a bunch of other topics you aren’t “supposed to talk about.” 

Water Eclectic Tapas Party

Incorporating dark hues, animal prints and decor with international flair will set the scene for the perfect water gathering. 

To read the full details to help you throw your own tapas party, click over to The Life Styled.


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