There’s someone we’d like you to meet!

Lincoln James
6 lbs 3.5 oz and 19 inches long

Please say hello to the newest member of the Haute Apple Pie Family!

Baby Lincoln decided to surprise his mommy and daddy and arrive 3 weeks early!  Both Stef and Lincoln are doing great.

Congratulations Stef!!



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7 responses to “There’s someone we’d like you to meet!

  1. Brie

    such a handsome boy! congrats!

  2. Andrea precious. Congratulations! Babies are such a miracle.

  3. Congratulations! He is so beautiful.


  4. Congratulations! Many blessings to y’all.

  5. Congrats! So exciting! He’s beautiful!

  6. Stef,
    He’s beautiful 🙂 What a surprise…three weeks early 🙂 Great to hear that everyone is doing great! Enjoy him, and get some rest when you can 🙂


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