Spring Home Workshop and HAP Dream House

Nestled amongst lush landscaping, set alongside a small bubbling creek in the enchanted land of the Village of Fox Point, Wisconsin lies a house. A house with imported French heated floors, granite slab countertops, arched doorways and skylights galore. A house we wouldn’t mind someday calling home. That someday will (probably) never happen unless the PowerBall numbers fall in our favor, but a girl can dream!

The HAP ladies recently attended the Spring Home Workshop hosted by The Home Market and Show and Tell Homes at a breathtaking home in Fox Point. Costing a mere $2.9 mil, this house is any haute homemakers dream. We were treated to pizza and wine as we toured the house, admiring not only the home itself, but the touches that Kate from the Home Market added to show off all of its possibilities.

The tile work throughout the house was something to be admired, and I love my husband for spending hours reading tile saw reviews – he was right, it was important. We love look of some simple sconces placed above a mantel to add some soft lighting to the room. It is all about elegant simplicity.

White or cream dishes are a great way to go if you are looking to buy a new set. You can make them work with any type of tablescape, from a soft summertime look to a fancy Thanksgiving dinner. Try the easy lighting option of adding some sand to a jar and placing a candlestick inside. And as always, fresh flowers add a natural and personal touch to any dining room. Pick up the freshest, in-season flowers at your local farmer’s market!

Shelving 101:

I always have a tendency to throw junk onto shelves instead of using them as a framework for an artistic piece in the house. I plan to use this picture as some inspiration to “de-junkifying” a bookshelf I have in my house.

It’s so simple! This shelf has a subtle worldly theme with map covered books and the globe. Stack a few of your favorite books to add some character.

Picture frames are always a staple item. The good news is, they don’t need to match! But they should create a cohesive look. Group your pictures similarly. Make some prints in sepia or black and white or use – of your family’s faces.

Expect to see more on shelf decorating from me in the near future! I’m excited to tackle this project.

With soft linens and a fully functional wood burning stove fireplace in the room, I sure wouldn’t mind cozying up at night with the latest issue of Vogue and a glass of wine. The peaked ceilings in this room gave it such an open, airy feeling. Ahhh….

I just about died when I walked into the kitchen. Give me a shack in the mud but with a kitchen like this one! Double ovens, wide open counter spaces, state-of-the-art appliances. If you are thinking of painting cabinets in your kitchen to give it an updated look (like I am), think about trying this clay gray color. It softens up the room and compliments any other color around it!

For the creme de la creme, around the corner at the end of the hallway in the back of the house lies a little room with access to the backyard. Yes friends, it was a POTTING SHED! We HAP ladies drooled and swooned over the thought of this beautiful little room with enough counter space to help you plant your succulents and a hose/shower area big enough to wash your dog or just rinse your Wellies!

So we may never live in this house but we sure can take inspiration from its beauty! Thanks to Kate at The Home Market for the invitation to this great event!

Well…off to the gas station to go pick up my lottery ticket…



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4 responses to “Spring Home Workshop and HAP Dream House

  1. So happy to have stumbled on your blog tonight! This post game me such great ideas for my own house renovation! I especially love the kitchen floor and the clay gray cabinetry. Thanks!

  2. Jane

    I need a potting shed…..drool, drool….

  3. Ugh… seriously this house!!!!

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