On Trend: Mix & Match Bridesmaids

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed with weddings of late it’s how gorgeous it can be when the bridal party gets to mix & match.  I mean, what’s not to love about a non-cookie cutter attire that flatters bodies and expresses personal style?

Well, what’s not to love is that mix & match can be a bit of a risk.  That’s why we asked Erin Thull, owner of Milwaukee’s Miss Ruby dress boutique, to give her tips on getting the mismatched look right:

When it comes to mismatched bridesmaid dresses, we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg! This trend is not fading anytime soon as more and more brides are opting for the modern and unique way of styling their bridesmaids, based upon the bridesmaids themselves.

Let’s face it, most likely your bridesmaids do not have the same fashion style, are different heights, different sizes, have different figures, different skin tone etc. Trying to coordinate all your girls differences into one dress can not only be a giant headache, but you may wind up not really flattering any of them. Letting your maids choose their dress in a style that suits their body type or a hue that compliments their skin tone allows your maids to reflect their own individual styles and be comfortable in their selection…and perhaps even get a dress that they’ll actually wear again.

Tips for Pulling It Off:
• Decide how mismatched you want to go. There are really three approaches: Different Styles-Same Designer, Different Styles-Different Colors-Same Designer or Totally Different-Same Colors.
• The easiest mix & match route is selecting the same designer and allowing the girls to choose a dress style from that collection. Because this trend is popular you’ll have no problem finding designers with a vast selection of styles to choose from.
• If you decide on a color palette but are letting the girls select any dress from any designer, give each girl a color swatch for some guidance. Consider having them wear the same shoe or jewelry as a way to pull the entire look together.
• Fill your maids in on which details you prefer, ie. short vs. long, taffeta vs. chiffon, prints vs. solids, etc. to give some structure to the overall look.

Trend Inspiration:
Each maid in the following bridal parties wore the same color/fabric but different styles.

Photos: Shawn Connell of Christian Oth Photography/dresses by Ciarla, dresses by Siri.

You could also let your maids choose any of the Lela Rose crinkle chiffon dresses.  With multiple styles and colors that have the same feel, they’ll look adorable.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate different colors, patterns and solids together into the overall look because a mix & match spectrum of one or two color, when put together, results in a wonderfully rich palette!

Photos: Aisle Walk, Sugar Plum Invitations, Artist Bride



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4 responses to “On Trend: Mix & Match Bridesmaids

  1. Love these photos – such great examples of the mix and match bridesmaid trend! I especially love the ones in the soft blush and khaki, and the light blue color palettes!

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  3. i love how mixed bridesmaid dresses look in photos… great ideas! xoxo jcd

  4. nikki breen

    hi can you please tell me where those soft pink/beige colour dresses are from? i LOVE them and these are my ideal dresses for my bridesmaids!!thanks

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