Inspired By: Benelux Design

Ahh, I love weddings but it feels good to be “back”. Pre-wedding month I was lucky enough to take a trip to Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (check out my Belgian-inspired dessert).  Ever since I got back I’ve been obsessing over the Euro-chic decor and antique styling details that I spotted abroad so today I put together a few inspiration boards for how to get the look:

Benelux Countryside:
Getting this look right requires a perfectly imperfect mix of elegant antiques and rustic found items. Think gilded chandeliers and regal ornamental lions mixed with 17th century milk pails, reclaimed wood tables and weathered boxwood planters.  Belgian linen, rich bedside chocolates and lavender scents are a must.

Benelux Countryside

Canal-Side Living:
Amsterdam’s iconic canals and small spaces mean that life takes place outside whenever the weather allows. Set your patio with preppy nautical touches like comfy wicker cafe chairs, decorative rope accents and a mini fruit tree. Always have strong coffee or a tasty brew for when guests drop by. Go Dutch with your home by adding a high gloss sheen to your front door and incorporating artsy pieces like Delft or a Van Gogh print.

Canal-side Living

Metropolitan Chic:
Not into antiques?  Go for metro-euro styling with modern lines and industrial, post-war accents.  Stick to a minimalist color palette with a few pops of bold colors and plenty of sleek metals or glossy plastics. Pick out a stylish messenger bag and bike basket for all of your urban adventures (even if they’re just to and from work).

Belgian Metropolitan Chic


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