Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover

Eight months ago, we moved into our new house and frantically began trying to get each room set up and feeling like home. In the process, I seemed to neglect one very important room: our bedroom.  The room needed some major design love.  But with a tight budget and not a lot of time on my hands, I didn’t have many options for sprucing it up.

Enter Carmol-Transformed Interiors. Two fabulous ladies named Caroline and Molly in the interior redesign world who give you a home-sweet-home affordable. Their redesign recipe combines the items you already own with a few new pieces to up the “flavor factor.” They told me they could give me a bedroom makeover in one day for just $100 dollars. I was skeptical. Challenge accepted.

Fast forward to my room reveal as Caroline and Molly flung open my bedroom door. I saw a room I almost didn’t recognize. It felt homey, warm and inviting. I couldn’t have been happier and all for just $100!

Here are some of the new details that were added to the room:

Throw Pillows and Throw – They repositioned my bed on an angle which increased floor space and added visual interest in the room. The addition of throw pillows and the throw dressed up the bed and really made it the focal point of the room.

Night Stand Runner – Pushing our 2 small nightstands together created the illusion of a larger piece of furniture and a fabric remnant was placed on top as a runner that tied in the colors of the room.

Mirror – A large mirror was hung with some decorative rope and hooked to the top of our picture ledge, right above the night stand. This gave the allusion of a much larger room. (Carmol’s Budget Friendly Tip: The ladies actually found an inexpensive brown mirror and brushed it with silver paint to give it a more high-end look!)

Window Sheers – The addition of inexpensive window sheers soften the look and diffuse light for a more romantic master bedroom.

Colorful Vases with Branches – The decorative bottles were the perfect color for the room and the branches added a great organic (and free!) addition.

Antique Tabletop Mirror – The mirror was placed on the dresser and acts as a catchall for change, jewelry, and other special keepsakes.

Along with many new items, Carmol was also able to use other items I had laying around my house. One reason I love Carmol is they promote shopping in your own house – who knew moving an object from one room to another would make it feel new!

Here are a few more creative additions that are new to the room, but cost us nothing!

3 Gray Decorative Frames – These frames have been sitting in my front hall closet since we moved because I loved them, but didn’t know what to do with them. Carmol made them feel right at home in my bedroom.

Vintage Birdcage – This had been in my dining room, although it didn’t really fit in. Move it to the bedroom and it is one of my favorite decorative pieces.

Framed wedding picture – This was a Christmas gift from my husband after we were married, and I love that it now hangs in our bedroom.

All in all, the room has a brand new feel and it is so “us.” The ladies of Carmol were able to pinpoint my personal style exactly and perfectly pulled off a room redo in a day and with only $100.

Tips for redoing a room with just $100:

Shop, Shop, Shop. You will need to visit many different stores to compare prices, find the best merchandise and really find stuff you love. Shops like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Mornings always have great finds. But don’t forget to check out your local antique store or GoodWill. You never know what you might find!
Get Creative. Found the perfect picture frame, but it isn’t quite the right color? Paint it! Painting an object can give it a whole new look and feel.
Shop within your own house. Moving decorative objects around your home makes old spaces feel like new. Those throw pillows that are starting to look old on your sofa might just be perfect for your bedroom!

For more information on Carmol-Transformed Interiors and to see more of their exciting room makeovers, visit them on Facebook.



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2 responses to “Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover

  1. I love how a bed on an angle can transform the entire look of the room (not to downplay the rest of the work, of course). I moved our bed last weekend, only to be sorely disappointed that my earlier measurements were true, one can’t fit past the bed when it’s on an angle. Who knew rooms could come this small!

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