Lucky Grilled Cheese winners!

Happy Friday!  We have some exciting news for FIVE lucky HAP readers today who will soon be the proud new owners of Grilled Cheese,Please! cookbooks!  Congrats to Aimee, EmNey, Elizabeth, Dana & Jamieliz!

Check out their favorite recipes:
Aimee – Extra sharp cheddar slices, ripe tomato and thick crispy bacon! Yum!
EmNey – Sharp cheddar with avocado slices and crispy bacon!
Elizabeth – Grilled Cheese: minor obsession. Simple. Butter both sides of the bread. (Thank you, husband for this technique.) Shredded cheddar cheese on both sides of the bread. (It melts like a dream. The sharper the cheddar, the better the cheddar.) Ham, lightly crisped in the pan. (Thank you, husband.) And at the very last minute, crisp green apples sliced thin. (That’s right, right into the middle of the sandwich.) Hallelujah!
Dana – Sharp cheddar on sourdough bread. Add tomatoes and avocado if handy. But the classic is still the best to me. And I pretty much can’t eat it unless I have tomato soup to dunk it in. Like a previous post said….I have made it with mayo on the outside (back in college) and it was to die for. I have since moved back to butter to save a bit on calories…but am sometimes still tempted.
Jamieliz – Love grilled cheese with a nice slice of fresh tomato inside!

Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your grilled cheese recipes.  Our mouths are watering!!

The winners were picked at random using a random generator from



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2 responses to “Lucky Grilled Cheese winners!

  1. Loving all your awesome giveaways! Congrats to the winners!

    I should have entered, but congratulations to all the winners and their most scrumptious grilled cheese delights. MMMMMMMMMM, redraven, blessings to all

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