Simple Solutions {Spray Paint}

One of the reasons we fell in love with our new house was the beautiful (although non-functional) Lannon Stone fireplace.  It adds so much depth and design to our living room.  When we purchased the house, it came with a gold grate and screen that just didn’t go with our decor.

I looked into purchasing a new set, however the cost was well over $100 for both.  So, I marched over to my local hardware store and picked up a can of RustOleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

It took me just 20 minutes to give everything a few coats.

While the results are not too dramatic, they have changed the feel of our living room and definitely made it more cohesive.

All for just $7 and 20 minutes of time.  That is my kind of project!

**Remember, our fire place is not a working fire place.  If you are planning on spray painting grates and screens that you will actually use with fire, I suggest looking into another spray painting product that is fire safe once it dries.



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2 responses to “Simple Solutions {Spray Paint}

  1. Looks great! MUCH MUCH better than the gold 🙂

    I had a similar issue with our FP when we moved to our house and was lucky enough to score a new screen at a garage sale for $3!

  2. Love this – such a simple solution with HUGE results! My husband spray painted the gold doors on our wood stove black when we moved in and I thought he was crazy, but of course it looks awesome. Who knew?

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