Bloggy Boot Camp

When we started this blog almost two years ago, we were just three girls with similar interests. Despite my marketing and public relations knowledge, I never paid attention to or cared that any type of blogger network existed. I certainly did not see myself fitting into this group. But alas, how things can change. One renovated bathroom, one graduate degree, one child, thousands of dirty diapers, hundreds of posts, a few dozen Wisconsin snow storms and two years later, I can say, I now belong to this group of bloggers. I don’t know that I ever fought it. But now, I embrace it.

This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to attend Bloggy Boot Camp, hosted by The SITS girls (The Secret to Success is Support). Surrounded by a couple hundred other women bloggers in a ballroom in Northbrook, IL, I sat and listened to an array of speakers that spoke on a topic I truly found myself to be passionate about. I am not going to write a recap or post my meeting notes (though they are already typed and ready to go if anyone is interested). I just want to take the time to say thank you to the SITS girls and all of the speakers that shed such lovely light on something that I previously just looked at as a fun hobby.

If you are a blogger, I suggest checking out their site. It’s a great place to find like minded people, whether you are a mommy blogger, a food blogger, a political blogger or anything else in between. If you are not a blogger, I urge you to find something similar to attend that suits your hobby. I’ve never done anything like this and have to say that the sense of belonging was quite encouraging.

So look for more great things from Haute Apple Pie in the near future. My mind has not stopped spinning since Saturday!



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7 responses to “Bloggy Boot Camp

  1. I canNOT believe you were there, and I missed you.

    I kept checking the reg. table, and your name tag was still there.

    I ‘m so disappointed I missed you.

    Where were you sitting? What workshops did you attend?

    So sorry …why did I not sense you were around?

    • Stef

      Aw! I’m sad I missed you too! I started out at table 9 I believe. I attended the Business of Blogging seminar in the main ballroom. I won the book at the end! Hope you had a good experience too!

  2. Stef, thank you for recommending this site. I have spent a good portion of my morning strolling around the SITS website. What a wonderful resource for a new blogger such as myself.

    I have been inspired this summer by my good friend Tiffany over at Peanut Blossom. This past month she decided to take her hobby and make it a career to help her remain a stay at home mom:

    It is amazing talking to someone who is passionate about what they do. You cannot help but too become inflamed with excitement. She is definitely my muse. I can only imagine a ballroom of people filled with ideas and passion! Perhaps they will hit Chicago again next year. Thanks again!!

    • Stef

      @Zina – so glad you have found some good stuff on the SITS girls site, there is a lot to find there! I am hoping they come to Chicago or the surrounding area again next year as well! Good luck in your blogging endeavors 🙂

  3. Heading to SITS BBC in Atlanta – from Ireland – eek!

  4. Stef,

    Just now making it over here- this post actually got me all-teared up.
    I think what its all about is that amazing sense of belonging.
    Enjoying something and sitting in a room with other people who share that passion.
    Thank you so much for attending, and now I am feigning for some pie.

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