Double Double Toil and Trouble Halloween Party

We’ve been bewitching you this week with treats from our Double Double Toil and Trouble Halloween post over on Eat Wisconsin Cheese. Today we want to share a few fun decor tips that will help bring your party to life.

Playing off of the witches chant from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you can get as creepy or as classy as you would like with your decor (we like to be just a little creep and mostly class). As much as we love pumpkins, the old black and orange Halloween party can feel a little worn. Using a black and purple color scheme and common witch items like a cauldron, broom, hat, you can make a beautiful tablescape, great for any Halloween inspired get-together.

Serve up a few deliciously cheesy treats with a dark Witches Brew to wash it down. It’s time to bring out that little dark side of yours, because at this soiree “Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair.”

Here are a few party tips:

• Serve your party treats with Witches Brew. Use a dark red wine, grape juice or other dark stout as a base for a spooky cocktail. Freeze peeled grapes to use as ice cubes.
• Take it a step further and create an eerie ambiance by using dry ice to serve smoking cocktails.

• Create a spellbook menu by printing up a menu in old font (We like Auld Magick) and lay the pages in a large book covered in paper or burlap. Burn the edges of the paper with a lighter for a scary look and feel.
• Use black beans or black/purple jelly beans in the bottom of a glass jars or vases to set out silverware.
• Dress up your table using dripping black candles in tarnished candle holders.
• Hang paper bats and faux cobwebs from a chandelier above your table.
• Put together a tasteful Halloween floral arrangement using dark purple flowers.
• Create food tags from black construction paper to look like bats, witches hats or broomsticks or simply create on plain white paper and burn the edges of the paper to give it a Halloween feel.


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