{Obsessed with} Tartan Trimmed Wreaths

Each year for Christmas I tend to get hooked on some slight theme with my holiday decor and this year my obsession has been tartan trimmed wreaths. I’ve been in loving the classic Christmas vibe that a little tartan ribbon lends to the greenery. I went beyond just the front door, decking out several other rooms in wreaths as well to spread the festiveness and Christmas-y smells throughout the house.

The front door wreath, bought from our Boyscout neighbor, got the full treatment with a double tartan bow and lots of glittery mini ornaments.
Christmas wreath
On the side door and on the mirror in our master bedroom, I hung small candle rings with just a simple tartan ribbon.
wreath with tartan ribbon

For the built-in cabinets in my dining room I created mini wreaths by plucking branches from the backs of my candle rings (you don’t even notice they’re missing!) and arranging them in plain mini grapevine wreaths. Strung up by thinner tartan ribbons to match the smaller size, they tie in nicely with the nearby Christmas tree.

What’s your holiday decor style? Do you switch things up each year or stick with tradition?



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3 responses to “{Obsessed with} Tartan Trimmed Wreaths

  1. Love this idea, I’m going to go add a ribbon to the wreath hanging on my front door right now!

  2. Katie, these look great!

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