{Holiday Gift Wrap} Photo Tags

It is hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner. Luckily, I’ve been ahead of the game this year (thank you Amazon) and my gifts are all purchased. This week I started to embark upon the task you love to hate and hate to love – wrapping. I toyed with the ideas of creating some of my own cute wrapping paper this year, but time got away from me. Instead, I am sticking to store-bought paper and some very personalized tags.

With little ones running around that don’t yet know how to read, I’ve created photo gift tags that they can identify themselves. It would also be fun to use old family Christmas photos or goofy pictures of your friends.

What you need:

Photos (or images printed on thick paper)
Colored Card Stock
Two-inch or larger square paper punch (or other shape)
Double sided tape, photo squares or a glue stick
Hole punch

Place your photo inside the paper punch. Line up to frame the face and cut.

Using the same paper punch, cut shapes out of colored card stock.

Using tape or a glue stick, attach the card stock to the back of the photo. If you prefer, write a small note on the card stock.

Using the hole punch, place a hole in the upper corner of the tag. Slide through ribbon and attach to package.

How are you wrapping up your Christmas gifts this year?



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5 responses to “{Holiday Gift Wrap} Photo Tags

  1. Love this idea! I’m putting it on Pinterest and ordering photos ASAP so I can get some wrapping started this weekend!

  2. Love this.. especially the idea that the wee ones will recognize their photos and know the gift is for them! I did some photo tags last year but it was a little different spin.. so cute!

  3. My mom does this now with old family pics (and I’m almost 30!). It’s so fun to reminisce while opening Christmas presents. 🙂

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