Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party

My niece Mallory recently celebrated her second birthday and her party was too sweet not to share! What girl, big or little, can resist dress up and fancy things?  This theme works great for a little girl’s birthday or for a wedding shower or adult birthday. Nothing wrong with teaching them young how fabulous that little blue box can be, right?

Guests were invited by an imitation little blue box with the words Mallory & Co. written across the front. The back read “Breakfast at Mallory’s” across the back along with the invitation details. (These invites are available for sale as a personalized PDF file at my Etsy shop, Morning Star Designs).

The house was filled with lovely blue touches, from the homemade tissue poms to the placemats to the balloons.

Tiny guests were given their party favors upon entrance to the party. This party was just for mommies and girls (minus Lincoln) so necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses were passed along for some dress up.

A beautiful Tiffany-inspired cake adorned the table. A breakfast of blueberry french toast, tomato egg strata and donuts was served. Along with mimosas for the mommies and blue juice for the kids.

Little fancy touches of pearls and china were strewn throughout the house. Simple and elegant!

I had a little fun with Photoshop and put Mallory’s face on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie poster, and changed the words to Breakfast at Mallory’s. It was a huge hit!

The birthday girl was beaming as we all sang happy birthday and blew out the candle like an old pro. Mallory wore a shirt designed by Lois Jean Linens, complete with an embroidered pearl necklace and a little black ruffle at the bottom.

Mallory and Sir Lincoln had a blast partying together! Happy Birthday to my darling niece!



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10 responses to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party

  1. Your theme parties get me every time! This is just the cutest. And I LOVE that poster you made. So adorable. Perfect for a little girl’s birthday. Who needs pink?

  2. Oh lord, that is adorable!

  3. AC

    This makes me so sad. The execution is first-rate–you clearly have a talent for this sort of thing–but is this really the sort of thing we should be celebrating? I’m also certain you mean well, but to answer your question (“Nothing wrong with teaching them young how fabulous that little blue box can be, right?”): No, not right; our obsession with that “blue box” and other objects like it is hugely problematic. Couldn’t we spend at least some of that energy helping out those less fortunate? That’s a personal choice, of course, but imagine a theme that advances something more neutral–or even something good. (FWIW, I like the trademark knockoff part of the whole thing–trademark law is out of control. And, anyway, perhaps this falls under aesthetic functionality for products celebrating consumerism?)

    • bricksnivy

      It makes me sad that you wasted your time picking on a two year-old’s birthday party. MY two year old’s birthday party at that. While you’re looking for something to complain about, I was celebrating my kid’s birthday with her little friends and their mommies. The Tiffany’s theme was not based on the STORE, but the movie. Had I gifted her a pile of little blue boxes, I could see your point, but I am not going to apologize for feeding breakfast to little kids instead of the “less fortunate”.

    • Michele

      Are you kidding me?? A Mom wants to have a day with her daughter, her friends and their Mom’s and this is an issue?? It is a party theme…deal with it. Maybe the less fortunate should go out and work so they aren’t “less fortunate”… They get more handed to them than this little girl did on her special day!! And if she is lucky enough to have 100 little “blue boxes”…GOOD FOR HER! Great party idea Mom!! We are throwing a HUGE Breakfast at Tiffany’s party in Sept…

    • Jeannie

      TO AC:
      I cannot believe a person would leave such nasty comments on a SWEET little girls birthday party. My first question to AC is, “How come you were on this page to begin with”? I know I found it because I was SEARCHING for Breakfast at Tiffany’s party ideas. Perhaps you were too? Is that what led you to this wonderful, precious party being thrown by a mother who OBVIOUSLY LOVES her child very much? I am appalled that you could even fathom leaving such a statement! SHAME ON YOU!!! MIND your own business lady! And NO, I do not know this family.

      To the Mommy who made this day special for her baby girl, YOU ARE a very SPECIAL mommy and your party was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pictures with those of us who truly appreciate your thought, time and love that went into it!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!! So creative!! ❤

  5. jill

    would love to see the inside of your invitation. Can you post it?
    I love this party.

  6. TKAlaska

    I was searching for ideas on how to mix a simple but classy Breakfast at Tiffanys theme birthday for my soon to be 6 year old daughter who is obsessed with Audrey Hepburn with my son’s birthday which will be a gentleman’s type Mustache party. And this fits the bill. We do combo theme birthdays because they are literally 2 years apart but 1 month separates their birthdays. So thank you very much for the idea’s and the link to your Etsy shop 🙂

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