Rudolph the Reindeer Treat Bags

We are Rudolph obsessed in our house this year, therefore, this project was inspired by my little guy. If you are looking for a last minute way to wrap up some of those delicious Christmas cookies or homemade goodies for your friends and neighbors, or looking for a cute and simple way to wrap a gift for a little one, call on the most favorite reindeer of all – Rudolph! I recently made these goodie bags for a kid’s Christmas party and filled them with bags of homemade hot chocolate mix, hot chocolate spoons and Christmas cookies. They are easy to make and fun for your little elves to help with as well.

Rudolph Treat Bags via Haute Apple Pie

What you need:
Brown paper lunch bags
Large google eyes
Red pom poms
Brown cardstock
Scissors or circle punch
Black permanent marker
Brown pipe cleaners
Scissors or wire cutter
Glue (Elmers or Tacky)
Clear tape

Using a circle punch or scissors. Cut one-inch circles from brown cardstock.

Lay the paper bag flat. Glue on eyes. Make sure to leave at least 3-4 inches of space at the top to fold over. Glue brown paper circle to bag. Glue red pom on top of brown circle. Using a marker, draw a mouth. I had fun with this and made them all different. Some with buck teeth, some sticking their tongue out, etc. Allow to dry.

Fill bag with goodies or gift. Fold over firmly. Slide one pipe clear tightly to the crease of the bag. Tape the bag in place. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner upward. With a scissors or wire cutter, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Twist one on each side to create antlers.

Rudolph the Reindeer Treat Bags via Haute Apple Pie

I’m sure everyone will love these so much, they will shout out with glee. Too far?

Happy holidays to you and yours.




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2 responses to “Rudolph the Reindeer Treat Bags

  1. Lorri

    I was just putting a picture of these on my family blog and came over to grab a link to your blog. Perfect that this is your post. You did such an amazing job with these treat bags!

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