Dear HAP

Need help picking a paint color?  Struggling to make a pie crust?  Want to know which plants work best in the shade? Just ask HAP!

Dear HAP is our new question and answer column that will run twice a month. With friends and readers often asking us questions domesticate topics or looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, we thought we’d start sharing our answers with all of our readers.  Since we don’t claim to be experts on everything, we’ll do our best to find someone who is an expert to answer your question. It’s like Google, only more fabulous.

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Note: Now remember, the advice and tips we provide are simply our opinions.  You can take them or leave them because in the world of home, food and decor there isn’t really a “right” or “wrong”, just what’s right for you and your tastes.


One response to “Dear HAP

  1. Dana

    Dear HAP ladies,

    I just bought a new home and this one has a fireplace. I have never lived anywhere with a fireplace and would love some ideas on how to decorate the mantel and hearth. The mantel is only 4 inches wide, but there is a good 12 inches of space on either side of the fireplace on the hearth. I can take some pictures and upload them next weekend when I am at the house again. I am also in need of some sort of art work to go over the mantel. Have thought about a mirror, but the room is fairly large and has about 5 windows opposite the fire, so that might be a bit much light. Whatever artwork or similar I put there, I want to pull those colors into the room, so I am really game for anything. You all have put up some great ideas and pictures…and I would really love your expertise.

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