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Naughty or Nice Bachelorette Party

Before the big day, every girl has to have her last fling as a single lady. I recently celebrated with my friend Amanda before she gets hitched this July. We put together a “Naughty or Nice” themed bachelorette party with the angel bride and her vixen friends.

I designed a cloud and fire Naughty or Nice invitation that was emailed out to all of the ladies.

A treat table was set up at the pre-party in our hotel filled with red Twizzlers and Hot Tamales on the Naughty side of the table and white chocolate covered pretzels and Hershey Kisses on the Nice side.

Glasses of Rose sparkling wine were dusted with red sugar and decorated with a naughty tag. The “Nice” glasses held Brut and dazzled in the bride’s hand!

Guests were asked to bring “honeymoon” gifts that could be placed in either the “naughty” pile or the “nice” pile. The bride was asked to guess who each of the presents came from.

The bridesmaids were asked to wear black or red and were given little devil headbands while the bride donned a white dress, sparkling jewelry and a veil.

We then hit the town and indulged in good food, drinks and lots of laughs. We had a great time and we look forward to the big day in July, thanks to Henit hen parties!

Do you have any fun (and tasteful) bachelorette party ideas? Share them with us!


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