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{Inspired by} Apres-Ski

Now that the holiday buzz has worn off, the winter doldrums have set in. Those of you who live in the tundra like me can commiserate with the cabin fever and those of you who don’t, well, consider yourselves lucky! I’ve found that taking up an outdoor hobby is the only way I can really get myself to enjoy winter so a few years ago the hubs and I started cross-country skiing. Lately the cold temps and lack of lasting snow had been getting under my skin, but finally this week there was enough snow in my area to go!

Any time I go out I get all obsessive over anything that hints of “apres-ski”. Unfortunately my living room isn’t quite as chic as the Sundance chalet I picture in my head but hey, a girl can dream right?
apres skiClockwise from top left:1. Handmade Marshmallows ($9), 2. Red Wool Mittens ($22), 3. Resin Moose Antlers ($399), 4. Ski Sign ($165), 5. Grey Stag Cushion ($51), 6. Repurposed Frame ($20), 7. Leather Chair ($1445), 8. Vintage French Alps Ski Sweater ($31), 9. Merino Throw ($98), 10. Cate the Great boot ($200), 11. Burton Sly Vest ($99.95)



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