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Hosting a Book Swap

In second grade, I read 116 books to win the Bubble Gum Book Award for our classroom. My love affair with books has yet to simmer. While I fancy a good library, I am a sucker for buying books. I like to support the author. I savor the new book smell and feel. Most of all, I love to share my books with friends and family.

It was my turn to host our monthly girl’s night. Over the years, I’ve noticed our discussions on our current reads. We are always bringing books to pass along to the next reader. Therefore, the decision to host a book swap was an easy one. To my elation, everyone was excited with the idea.

Here are the guidelines we followed for a successful book swap:

  1. Everyone was asked to bring up to five books they wouldn’t miss if they were gone from their bookshelf for awhile.
  2. When the girls arrived, they were given bookmarks for each book. Everyone filled out the bookmarks, placed it in the book and set it on the table. You can download the printable version of the bookmark here.
  3. Each guest perused the books around the table. We asked questions, shared our stories and recommended books to those we thought would like it best.
  4. If more than one person wanted the book, names were written on the back of the bookmark so the reader knew who to pass the book along to next.
  5. Everyone left happy with a new handful of books!

We didn’t find it necessary to pick in a certain order, since there were only about eight of us. If working with a larger group, I would suggest picking numbers out of a hat. Then have each guest pick one book each time around until everyone has reached their book quota.

Pair some good books with a few delicious appetizers and a nice cocktail and you will have yourself a fantastic evening, especially if you are a book worm like me. This is a fun party activity with friends, or a good way to change up your monthly book club meeting.

While we are on the subject of reading, I’d love to know what our HAP readers are reading! I recently finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and cannot stop thinking about it. It is an amazing and true World War II story of survival after survival after survival. I give it 4 full pies. What are your favorite recent reads?



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