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Holiday Gift Guide: Kids & Pets

Anne’s Picks

My daughter loves cooking in the kitchen with me.  That is why this year my top pick is the Leafy Keen Salad Kit.  It will get your little ones interested in the food they eat and might even turn them on to a few different vegetables they might otherwise shy away from!

1. Leafy Keen salad set ($24.95) 2. Leg warmers ($12) 3. Owl Backpack ($20) 4. Dress Up Dolls sticker collection ($4.99) 5. Diary of a Worm ($16.99)

Katie’s Picks

Although my pooch Lena loves her personalized dog bed, her heart ultimately belongs to whoever is dishing out the treats.  And what pup could resist some homemade BLT dog bones?  Just pick up a bone shaped cookie cutter and this ready-to-make mix from Doggy Detail and you’ll have your dog eating out of your hand…literally.

1. Personalized canvas pet bed cover (from $16) 2. Cat/Dog Mats ($35) 3. Collapsible travel cup ($9.99) 4. Dog treat mix ($10) 5. Tartan plaid dog collar ($24) 6. Fish hotel ($29.95)

Stef’s Picks

Although I am 100% obsessed with this Land of Nod Hamburger Chair (Lincoln has the ticking fabric chair and loves it!), this year I must hawk the Elephun Busy Ball Popper. While I highly recommend any of the ball popping toys for any baby or toddler from the age of crawling and up, the Elephun Busy Ball Popper commercial happens to star a beautiful little girl who just so happens to be my niece and Goddaughter. So buy the Elephun Ball Popper because Mallory told you to, and as the commercial says, “there’s no stopping the fun.”

1. Hamburger Nod chair ($119) 2. Leapfrog TAG ($29.99) 3. Let’s Rock Elmo guitar ($19.99) 4. Elefun Busy Ball Popper ($24.99) 5. Ash Canvas Tiny TOMS ($29) 6. Friendly Monster robe ($39.95)


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