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covetable goods {dash & albert}

I live in Wisconsin and have realized there is a kind of panic that sets in around this time of year. The summer has come to an end and the countdown to the first snowfall has begun. The sloppy weather is approaching and soon we will say goodbye to our beloved sandals and flip flops and say hello to bulky boots and closed toe heals.

During the winter months, my entryway becomes a sloppy mess of brown melted snow and salt rocks that have the ability to ruin any basic rug sizes or types. After years of tossing out expensive rugs in spring, I decided to do some research and find a rug that would be durable, budget friendly and, most importantly, cute.

Enter Dash & Albert Rug Company.

rug 1

I was thrilled when I came across this brand at my favorite home goods store, The Home Market. Dash and Albert has hundreds of rugs that come in all different sizes, styles and colors. The best part, the smaller woven cotton rugs can be hand washed, line dried and will still look great. I even threw mine in the wash machine on gentle cycle and it came out looking good as new. These rugs are perfect for an entryway but cute enough for your living room! And you can’t beat the price.

With all the colors, styles and sizes, you are bound to find a rug you will adore!

rug 2

Bring it on November. I am ready for you.



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