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Fall Wreath Revamp

With fall just around the corner, I wanted to get in the spirit with a little fall decor. Last year I made a super easy faux berry door wreath that I loved. This year I wanted something new but with a newborn, I barely have time to shower much less spend time making a new wreath.

However, while cruising Jo Ann Fabrics for some baby-related items the other day I was conned into a wreath revamp by a sale on faux florals. I added some bright orange berries, wheat, burnt orange flowers and a few feathers to give last year’s wreath a little makeover in just a few minutes.

What do you think? Which version do you like?

Last Year’s Fall Wreath:
fall wreath berries

This Year’s Updated Wreath:



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Retail Replicate: Fall Berry Wreath

With hints of cool air making sneak appearances in the mornings lately, I’m getting antsy for fall. Enough with the humidity and mosquitos and onto apple cider, crackling fires and cozy sweaters!

Since that might be a little premature still, I satisfied my autumn itch by making a fall wreath for my front door. Every year I see pretty wreaths all over retail-land…for beaucoup bucks. I have a hard time justifying $50+ for a wreath, even if it is reusable. So with the fall florals on sale at the craft store last week I was suckered into a bagful of scarlet faux berry branches (which my nature-loving husband informed me are staghorn sumac replicates) and wreath supplies for a total of about $18. I had never tried to make a wreath before but it turned out to be SUPER easy.

fall wreath berries

What You’ll Need:
18″ grape vine wreath
10-12 floral branches*
1/2 yd burlap
needle & beige thread
wire cutters
2 small safety pins

Use the wire cutter to clip off the individual sumac branches from each bunch. Push each branch in between the branches of the wreath, working so that the branch tips point in the same direction. Try to push each branch in as tightly as possible.

Cut two strips of burlap, approximately 3-4 inches wide. Tie one into a large, loose bow and set aside. Wrap the other around the wreath as a hanger. Match up the ends of the strip and fold over. Use safety pins to affix the bow onto the burlap hanger strip, lining it up with the wreath itself. Then, use a simple running stitch to secure the fold, sewing about 1/2″ from the edge.

* Note: You may need more or fewer branches depending on the floral you use and the look you’re going for.

DIY autumn wreath


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