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Hunters & Gatherers

My husband hunts.  I gather.  We always say that if we lived in ancient times, we’d be set.  As much as I’d like to have a large, lush backyard garden the reality is that my urban backyard is about the size of a basketball court so I do most of my gathering elsewhere.  On Saturday, with Bill off hunting in the Wisconsin north woods with his new favorite toy, the best rangefinder of 2017. I set off to one of my favorite weekend destinations:  the farmer’s market.


If you’ve never checked out your local farmer’s markets, you’re missing out.  The benefits are almost endless – supporting your local economy, reducing your environmental impact, stocking up on fresher, tastier produce and cheap, beautiful flowers and simply enjoying yourself as you browse the best of each season.


There are farmer’s markets in nearly every city and town. Check out these sites or your local newspaper to find one close to you:
And if you’re in the Milwaukee area, check out one of our many markets.

I’m partial to the West Allis market but was thrilled to hear talk of a new market in downtown Tosa!  There is a “test run” this Saturday morning, Sept. 26. Come support it so that it returns in the spring!


The season is almost over for the year so get out and find one this weekend!




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