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DIY Abstract Art

In my living room was a sad wall that sat empty for three years…

…until a few weeks ago when I created my own piece of abstract art!

Latex Paint on Canvas, Jackson Pollack inspired art

Art is expensive but creating a work of art, especially a big one, had always intimidated me (hence the three years of vacant wall space). Since my house is old and the walls are plaster, I’m also really picky about what I put on my walls because I don’t want to deal with holes. Despite all that it was time to fill the void. I had kept this particular project in my mental “craft file” ever since I saw the fabulous Nathan Thomas do something similar on Bravo’s Top Design.

My husband and I spend a lot of time fishing on Lake Michigan, so I took inspiration from the smokey blue-green colors of the water for my palette. Using multiple quarts of latex paint, I went to town splashing and dripping the paint across a basic stretched cotton canvas.  Just call me Jackson Pollack.

abstract paint palette

Thinking about creating your own art? Go for it. Now I understand why artists feel so liberated by their work!



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