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Organization {Bedroom Closet}

We moved into our new house 5 months ago and in the midst of kitchen remodels and massive amounts of painting,  I have completely neglected other areas of our home.  For example, my bedroom closet was a total disaster.  In fact, I am slightly embarrassed to share these pictures with you, but if you promise not to judge, I will let you take a peek.

With fall just around the corner, my tall boots and bulky sweaters were just dying to come down from the attic.  I took one look at this mess and realized I needed to do some major rearranging before my closet was fall ready.

I had just one day and a $50 budget to get it all done. Here’s how it turned out:

Reorganizing a closet takes just a few simple steps.  The hard part is getting motivated!

Step 1: Purge

Set up three piles: keep, throw and donate.  Go through each item in your closet and be brutally honest.  Do you like it?   Does it fit?  When was the last time you wore it?  Allow yourself to keep only things that make you feel good and that you enjoy wearing.  I think I cleared out about a quarter of my closet and haven’t missed any of it.

Step 2: Think about what you need to make your closet work for you

Some people might need a solution for organizing sweaters while others need more space for hangers.  For me, I needed some serious shoe organization and a way to stack things on my top self so they were easy to find and easy to put away.

Step 3: Organize, Organize, Organize

Purchase things that will help you organize or simply use things you already have!  I purchased 2 shoe organizers, on sale for $22/each  from target, that gave me plenty of storage and also added a low shelf for my boots.

I also grabbed some inexpensive box organizers from Ikea to help organize my odds and ends.

So much better!  Now, everything has its place and with a little effort, my closet looks clean and organized every day.

How do you keep your closet organized?


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