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{obsessed with} Big Round Balloons

Maybe I am just a kid at heart, but I really cannot get enough of these big round balloons I keep seeing around the web. I am not sure if it is the huge burst of color against the sky, the laughable size in comparison to the person holding it or the way it can beautifully and simply fill up a space.

Photo via Far Out Brussel Sprout

Photo via Flowkery

Photo via Weddingspot UK

I recently used a few of these three-foot balloons at the Pink and Gray Sweet Celebration I styled this summer. They were a hit with kids and adults alike!

All of this inspired me to try them out on my own kid. My sister and I attempted to be professional photographers this week with our 18 month olds. The toddler/balloon situation did not go as swimmingly as hoped, but we were still able to capture a few adorable photos of our own.

If you live in the Milwaukee area, you can get these balloons at Bartz’s Party Stores. I’ve also seen them for sale online at i luv sugar and Shop Sweet Lulu.

If you have a creative way you have used big balloons, we’d love to hear from you!


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