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Mashed Potato Bar

I love hosting dinner parties.  I am not sure why, but my husband and I just love having friends over and feeding them!  While I do love the company and enjoy cooking, one thing I do not like about hosting a dinner party is that fact that I spend so much time in the kitchen preparing the food and not enough time sitting around the table with my guests.

Last week we had 2 couples over for dinner along with all of their children (4 kids under 4!).  I wanted to come up with a meal that everyone would enjoy so I put together a mashed potato bar.  It was a huge hit and was really minimal work and preparation.

I provided 2 kinds of potatoes, mashed and baked.  Then, I made a few different toppings: broccoli and cheese, barbecue pulled pork and sauteed mushrooms along with grated cheese, sour cream and crumbled bacon.  I also served a green salad and bread sticks on the side.

Guests loaded on the toppings and had fun making their own creations.

The best part about this kind of meal is that you can cater it to your own tastes.  Try topping your potatoes with shredded chicken, grilled veggies or your favorite chili.  The options are endless!

What is your go-to dinner party meal?


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