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DIY Winter Decor

Confession:  We are spray paint addicts.  What began as a simple project has now left us lurking about our yards searching for new items to turn into works of art.

This holiday season we’re partial to covering natural materials, like gourds and branches, with luxe metallic spray paint to give them a rustic yet expensive look that can last all winter.  The best part is that these projects are both easy and cheap!

What You’ll Need:
– 1 lg can spray paint ($5-6)
– newspaper
– found objects to spray

You know the drill…Lay down newspaper in a well-ventilated space and spray away!

decorative gold ballsDIY decorative holiday bowl

Katie’s Bowl of Balls
I sprayed several of the decorative twig balls that you can find at most craft stores for $2-4 a piece and put them in a pretty bowl with some birch bark balls and white yarn balls that I wound to look like snowballs.

spraypainted branch

Katie’s Gold Branch Arrangement
I clipped small branches from trees in my yard, particularly ones with berries, to make a glamourous substitute for flowers.  Talk about honoring my metal & wood essences!

Stef’s Silver Thanksgiving Table Arrangement

I purchased an array of gourds from my local nursery and sprayed them with aluminum colored spray paint. Paired with white and silver china, I plan to use these as name holders for my Thanksgiving  table. I placed the extras in a sleek glass bowl we received for our wedding and scattered the table with silver spray painted leaves.

The leaves were a surprise extra as one blew onto my newspaper as I was spraying the gourds. It looked so great, I walked around the yard for the perfect leaves and continued spraying. My neighbors may think I’m crazy, but the table looks beautiful!

Happy spray painting everyone!



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