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DIY Necktie Onesie

Depending on when my baby boy arrives, he’ll have one, maybe two, weddings to attend this summer so of course he needs some stylish attire to wear. Since he’ll be tiny and it will be hot out for both events, I’ve been smitten by the little applique-style neck tie onesies that I’ve seen at stores and on Etsy (see below). However, since my mom is an adept sewer and I’m trying to improve my own skills, with her help I decided to make my own.

I won’t lie…as we started on the project, I was totally intimidated. But now having made a few with her help, I feel I could do it on my own. Since the pieces are so small, you could effectively use either a sewing machine or just hand-stitching to do this. I’ve included a download for our pattern in the supplies list to make it easy. Throw him in some baby trousers and my little guy will look quite dapper!
tie baby onesie pattern

What You’ll Need
plain onesie
1/4 yd patterned fabric
all purpose thread to match
tie pattern
lightweight iron-on interfacing
iron-on hem tape (or fusable webbing)*
an iron
sewing pins
sewing machine*

1. Apply light weight iron-on interfacing to back side of patterened fabric. Flip over (pattern side up) and iron for about 30 seconds until the interfacing adheres.
2. Pin tie pattern to patterned fabric. If using stripes, check the stripe angle for your preference as you pin.

DIY tie onesie
3. Cut out tie pieces at the solid line. This allows for a small seam allowance to the dotted sewing lines.
4. Pin the patterned sides of the tie knot to the tie body together at the dotted stitch line and sew knot to body using your sewing machine or a small, tight running stitch.
5. Flip right side up and use iron to press the seam flat. Press under the seam allowances using your iron. Review for shape and symmetry, repressing as needed.

6. Place tie on onesie and match up the neckline with the top of the tie. Cut off a small piece of iron-on hem tape and place under the top edge of the tie knot, tucking under to ensure no tape is sticking out. Once it’s in the position you desire, iron until secure. Repeat process with a large tape strip, placing it down the center of the back of the tie body and several smaller pieces along the tie bottom and edges as needed.
TIP: You can skip the iron-on hem tape and simply sew the tie onto the onesie but the hem tape secures the tie in place and makes it much easier and faster to sew on.
7. Use a sewing machine or a small, tight running stitch to stitch down the edges of the tie. Be sure that your seam allowance is also getting secured by your stitches and not poking out.

neck tie onesie

Not into DIY or worried about your sewing capabilities? Etsy carries oodles of similar onesies from shops like Remnant Designs, Sweetpeas & Bumblebees and We Choose Joy, just to name a few.


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