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Holiday Wrap Up: Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

This Christmas, it’s time to get creative with your wrapping. Regular old paper wrapping can be quite pretty and is no doubt fun to tear off a big old box, but why not spice it up a bit? You might even be able to regift some of those Christmas items you’ve never used on top of giving the fabulous gift you purchased.

A bottle of wine or champagne is a staple gift for a hostess at the holidays or any time of year. This year, ditch the curly ribbon or the brown paper bag it came it and cozy up the bottle with a Christmas sock. Simply slip the wine bottle inside of a holiday sock and use craft ribbon to secure a tag in place around the neck of the bottle. Feel free to bring the extra sock along, or double it up, to give to the hostess the matching pair.

*Used socks need not apply.

Have a smaller box or oddly shaped gift to wrap? Use a holiday tea towel or dish towel for a unique unveiling experience. Just wrap the gift and either knot the towel or use craft ribbon to keep it from unfolding. It is a bonus two gift in one!

If traditional wrapping paper is more your thing, there are lots of tricks you can use to mix it up a bit. This year I decided to buy all solid color wrapping and accessorize with ribbons and other extras.

I love scrapbook paper. It is pretty, cheap, and adds color and patterns in a no fuss kind of way. Using holiday scrapbook paper, add an extra piece of paper around the middle of the box to give it some dimension. Using sparkly ribbon, tie a little something extra on the top like a jingle bell or an ornament.

If you have horrible handwriting like I do, I do everything I can to skirt around writing tags. Try cutting scrapbook paper into the recipients initial and tying it on with a ribbon. You can also print homemade tags on the computer.

And last but not least, if you are saving stamps this Christmas and not sending out a Christmas card, why not make and print a few on your printer at home and attach them to the top of your gift?

All together now…awwwww!

There is nothing wrong with regular wrapping paper and a sticky bow (most likely I will have a few of those too)! But it makes the chore of wrapping gifts a little more fun when you throw some creativity into it.

What do you to do spice up your gifts?

Happy Wrapping!


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