Metal & Wood: At Home with Katie

I’ve known Katie since we were in braces and I can attest to her Metal essence with a side of Wood. To my 7th grade envy, she was always the most meticulous, crafty and active chick of the bunch. Much as we tried, no one could quite master her perfect handwriting or the way she pulled off the teal Five Star binder (how did it just look better on her arm?). Katie’s Metal essence has turned her into the Martha Stewart that she is and the active, growth-oriented Wood supports her as she masters each new project.  Watch out, because Katie’s elements are the perfect recipe for success.

Not surprisingly, Katie’s essence in her home brings one word to mind: Perfection. Metal comes through everywhere, from elegant framed Parisian scenes to classic white moldings and a curved crystal chandelier fit for Gatsby himself.


Even the details ooze Metal – from the stack of high-end books on the coffee table to the elegant door knobs, which I imagine are one of Katie’s favorite details in her house.



Katie’s underlying Wood is more subtle. Of course, the actual wood floors and wooden furniture like her dining room and coffee tables make a statement. But my favorite way to bring Wood energy into your home is by bringing the outside in with plants. Katie brings her garden inside with beautiful vases of sedum placed throughout different rooms and tomatoes ripening on her window sill.



Not only does Katie’s home really honor her authentic self, but it’s balanced with some wonderful intentional energies. The homage to her husband’s hunting with antlers placed throughout the home is a fun way to add some Fire and perfect for the rooms they entertain in! She has also brought nurturing Earth energy into all the best places – the soft, nubby rug in the living room and warm orange tones in the kitchen make me want to sit down for a nice big cup of cider. Earthy intentions are key for Katie as she settles into family life with her husband!


Catherine’s Picks for Katie:

– Light colors like pastels and whites
– Anything metal or metallic
– Elegant, classy pieces
– Round shapes

– Wood or plant materials
– Plant or floral prints/shapes
– Teals, Blues, Greens

Stores to try: Restoration Hardware, West Elm


Clockwise: Sage Silk Duponi drapes, Metal Vine Framed Mirror, Hunter Original Wellies in Green, White Floral Accent Knobs



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4 responses to “Metal & Wood: At Home with Katie

  1. Claire

    I LOVE antlers in the house! I just bought an antler for my mantle to add a woody element. LOVE it!

  2. Alison

    I love the various photos of your home… you chose some great angles of your space!

    Your reference to those middle school years was really cute. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  3. Jenna

    Loved this and the one about Anne’s. I thought it was so cool, I’m totally taking the quiz haha.

    Thought it was really cool that you brought in Catherine too. I loved the 7th grade part you brought in about Katie, especially about the 5 star! HA!

    This whole thing was such a cute idea and the pics are all really gorgeous.

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