Earth & Metal: At Home with Anne

Considering that I’ve had years to familiarize myself with Katie’s Woody Metal essence, I’ll be honest – looking at her home through an elemental perspective was a breeze. While I haven’t had the same privilege with Anne and Stef, I have been following their domestic personalities, thanks to HAP!  Today, I get to take a look at Anne’s home, and how it honors her essence!

When Anne told me that she is pretty sure she’s an Earth (The Peacemaker) with underlying Metal (The Perfectionist), I had to chuckle to myself. I had just previously been familiarizing myself with the details of her home and immediately saw an overwhelming amount of those very energies…

new room

decorative pieces

Since Earths are often nurturers, they also tend to be family oriented. One of the main themes that’s evident in Anne’s home is her devotion to her family. The walls are adorned with a collage of gorgeous family photos in their milestone moments – the wedding, and time with their baby Isla, who indirectly also influences the décor in their home. Everything is baby proof, without sacrificing sophisticated style of course!

picture wall


Earth is also present in the home’s color scheme, which is one of the best ways to bring your essence into your home style. From the neutral shades of the walls to the brown accents in the curtains and some furniture pieces, the palette is spot on for Anne’s essence. The colors in her home also bring in her Metal underlying essence through the lovely touches of white in various details, and pastel blue accents like the stack of soft wedding/love themed leather photo albums which contribute a nice touch of luxury while still keeping true to the family theme. My favorite display of Earth + Metal is the polka dotted vase with rocks in the bottom. Rocks are the quintessential Earth object, and polka dots are the token Metal pattern! How “traditionally perfect.”


Catherine’s Picks for Anne:

– Warm or earthy tones like brown, orange, and beige
– Nubby textures
– Square or boxy shapes
– Traditional, vintage, or cozy styling

– Light colors like pastels and whites
– Anything metal or metallic
– Elegant, classy pieces
– Round shapes

Stores to try: Anthropologie, Pottery Barn

Clockwise from top: Vintage Velvet Drapes, West Elm Pebble Rug, Sophie Conran Celadon Tea Set, Anthropologie Letizia Cardigan, French Flour Sack Pillows


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