Water & Earth: At Home with Stef

After “virtually” spending time in each of the HAP girls’ homes, their talent as modern homemakers is even more apparent to me than it already was from their fabulous blog posts day after day. Now that I have examined all of their decorating choices, I can safely say that each one of these women has done a spot-on job of honoring their essence with their domestic style, and they didn’t even know it!


Stef brings us a new element to have some fun with: Water (The Philosopher). When she told me she thought she was a Water with underlying Earth, I practically jumped for joy because I knew I wouldn’t have to do any reaching to find her essence in her home. I had already seen so much of those particular energies, so her tuned-in designing really made my job easy.


The first display of Water energy comes in the deep, dark tones throughout the house. There are consistent touches of black, deep brown, and even a little blue; colors that create the mysterious and serene vibe that Philosophers thrive in. Water energy is also present in ethnic accents that look like they have a story, like a few of Stef’s artistic pieces in the living room and library, I especially love the black vintage doctor’s satchel on the office shelves, which begs to be a topic of conversation. 


There is also an inviting feeling of warmth in Stef’s home, thanks to a strong presence of Earth energy. Plush sofas, earthy wall décor, and boxy shaped coffee tables contribute to the cozy vibe. My favorite display of Earth comes via the rich orange accent pillows in the living room in a Watery-shaped paisley print. I also love the plethora of books stacked throughout the home, which serve as the perfect mix of Water and Earth energy – makes me want to cozy into the corner section of one of the fluffy sofas with the perfect thought provoking read.

Catherine’s Picks for Stef:


  • Flowy fabrics
  • Deep, cool tones like black and navy
  • Mysterious, interesting, and creative styling
  • Ethnic pieces


  • Warm or earthy tones like brown, orange, and beige
  • Nubby textures
  • Square or boxy shapes
  • Traditional, vintage, or cozy styling

 Stores to try: Design Within Reach, Etsy


Equestrian Saddle Hook , Morning Croissant Robe, Graceful Damask Chair, Design Within Reach Flocks Pouf, Weathered and Worldly Globe




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2 responses to “Water & Earth: At Home with Stef

  1. Claire

    The equestrian saddle hook is now officially in my wedding registry. Great tips!

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