Organic Safari Nursery Part 1 – Vinyl Wall Decor

Since the anticipation of the arrival of little Lincoln, I worked to transform my old office into his nursery. I finally decided on an organic safari theme, using soft greens and tans (gender neutral!), organic and sustainable materials, some easy DIY projects and a touch of nostalgia. Lincoln’s room turned out very soft and calming which is wonderful at one in the morning, and three in the morning and five in the morning…

One of my favorite additions to the nursery is the use of vinyl wall art. I purchased this tree and owl piece from Surface Flik through Etsy. Vinyl wall art is an easy way to transform a room without trying to paint yourself or having the expense of hiring an artist. There are hundreds of designs, words and phrases out there that you can pick from. They all come in different sizes, so they work in any space, whether you are  looking to add a little something to a small spot on a wall or add some height and a focal point bigger wall like the one in Lincoln’s nursery.

The art comes in a few separate pieces. Depending on how large your art is, the project can be a little bit time-consuming but not at all difficult.  All you need is some painters tape or masking tape, a pair of scissors and a credit card or other hard plastic item to help adhere the decal to the wall. To watch the full installation video from Surface Flik, click here

Tips I learned while installing vinyl wall art:

  • Go slowly. You have to keep your patience to avoid getting bubbles or creases in the art. 
  • Measure and set up exactly where you want your art before beginning to install. 
  • Install it with a friend. I would never have been able to do this as well by myself. My mom was nice enough to visit and help me. It is always good to have a second eye to make sure things are straight. 
  • Step back and enjoy your work! It is very satisfying to step back and admire it when you are finished. 

Check back in a few weeks for some more DIY nursery projects!


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