Organic Safari Nursery Part II: DIY Painted Picture Frames

When looking to fill up the walls in Lincoln’s nursery, I came across a website that showed beautifully simple brown and white picture frames. I fell in love, but I was not in love with the price. My budget did not account for $60 frames, so I decided to take it upon myself to recreate the frames. 

I, by no means, consider myself a painter or an artist. I have a shaky hand and a propensity to hurry through projects that take great patience. Therefore, if I can create these frames, anyone can. 

I searched the aisles of Michael’s arts and crafts store and was able to pick up all necessary supplies for a total of $13. Here is what you need:

  • Unfinished wood picture frames
  • Acrylic paint
  • Wide and narrow paint brushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Single hole punch
  • Cardstock

Start by painting each frame a solid color. I chose to have two brown and two off-white frames with alternating stripes and polka dots. Allow the frames to dry. 

For the striped frames, use painter’s tape to make straight and evenly spaced lines across the frame. Paint within the tape and be careful not to glob on too much paint or the paint will run under the tape. Allow to dry before removing the tape.

For the polka dot frames, cut out a small piece of cardstock or cardboard and use a single hole punch to make your template. Hold the paper over the frame and paint within the small circle to create polka dots. I randomly placed them about until I was happy with the final look. 

These frames are very easy and help give the nursery that naturally playful look. I paired these frames on the wall with, dare I say, a vintage cross stitch ABC that hung in my husband’s nursery back in the day and a bamboo shade to block the light so Lincoln can sleep peacefully. 

I have yet to add pictures to these frames and the look of picture-less frames is really starting to grow on me. What do you think? Pictures or no pictures?



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7 responses to “Organic Safari Nursery Part II: DIY Painted Picture Frames

  1. These are so cute! I’d add black & white photos!

  2. Nicole O.

    You could do sepia toned photos (you have some great ones to choose from!!) But I like the photo-less frames.. Amelia’s nursery has about 8 of them on a frame wall that we originally planned on putting mirrors in, but our procrastination grew on us and we like it the way it is for now 🙂

  3. I like no pictures. You did a beautiful job–they ARE art!

    If you felt the need for something though, how ’bout an owl (like the one in the tree.) Same owl, four different colors, like the Marilyn Monroe picture. What do you call that process? never mind.

  4. Beth Carter

    I love it; so much so that I think I’ll go buy the stuff tomorrow! If you did put pics in them, how would you cover them? It’s an open front and back, right?

    • Stef

      Hi Beth! I never did put pics in them, but they do come the metal clasps attached to hold the pictures down. I was planning on using a small piece of plastic to cover the photo, or get some glass cut. Have fun!

  5. Cathy

    Very cute project! My daughter and I think we’ll use your idea for the nursery wall. It will add just the right touch while bringing in the color scheme from her comforter set. We can’t wait to get started. And btw…it looks really cute without pics. We’re going to add ribbon to hang the frames to give it an even more unique look. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

    • Stef

      @Cathy – Thank you! I never did end up filling the frames with pictures. Ribbons would be a great touch. Good luck with your project!

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