Art in Bloom

Over the weekend I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum for the lovely Art in Bloom opening. At the annual event, local florists are assigned a piece of art to serve as inspiration for creating an arrangement. Assignment pieces ranged from classic nudes to pop art to furniture, which showed that the florists themselves are truly artists too.

Check out some of my favorites below but first…

Decor Idea: Next time you buy flowers for a party consider using a piece of art (or furniture or photography) from your house as inspiration for your arrangement. Positioning the flowers near the piece creates a dramatic and cohesive statement that guests will be sure to notice.
Black Action Fritz Winter

Black Action, Fritz Winter – The winning arrangement had a gothic elegance that was mesmerizing in person. It totally deserved the win.

Betalo Nude, Robert Henri

Betalo Nude, Robert Henri:  The florist took a whimsical approach, deciding that this lovely lady needed a dressing robe.

Eero Saarinen Womb ChairEdge of England Cornelia Parker

Womb Chair, Eero Saarinen: A curvy and playful arrangement befitting of the iconic chair.
Edge of England, Cornelia Parker:  While I thought they could’ve done a lot more with the floral arrangement, this installation is one of my favorite pieces at MAM so I had to include it.

Cyclamen LithographMilwaukee Art Museum Haitian Art

Cyclamen III, Ellsworth Kelly:  Love the modern and simplistic approach
Les Trois Nonchon, Andre Pierre:  Funky, exotic florals feel right at home in the Haitian gallery

Beth Lipman Laid Table

Laid Table, Beth Lipman: If only my tablescapes were this ethereal!  A girl can dream…


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