33 Ways to Go Green Today

Earth Day 2010Happy Earth Day!  We’ve compiled a slew of easy ways to be more eco-conscious this year, along with our favorite tips and products to help you do it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the long list – a lot of the ideas are very doable with a little extra effort.  Bonus: many of these simple switches are budget-friendly too!

Also, don’t forget to check out more tips from our readers in the giveaway comments from Monday’s post and leave your own comment as an entry to win.  We’re thrilled to hear that a lot of you are pretty green already and we’ll be picking one lucky green winner tomorrow.

Ways to Be Eco-Friendly

33 Ways to Go Green Today
1. Switch to reusable bags and stash one in your purse or car. (our faves: Envirosax…find your style here)
2. Make your own baby food.
3. Use biodegradable pet poo bags.
4. Start a compost pile.
5. Join a CSA.
6. Support your local farmer’s market.
7. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products or make your own!
8. Consider a hybrid car.
9. Walk or bike more .
10. Turn the lights off or switch to energy star bulbs.
11.Start switching to organic produce.  Start by spending just $10 a week on organic.
12. Plant a garden. Don’t have a yard? Try a windowsill herb garden!
13. Switch to chemical-free/organic bath & beauty products (our faves: Alba Sea Plus Renewal Cream, Burt’s Bees Deep Pore Scrub, Method hand soaps)
14. Recycle! Toss a bin in your kitchen or pantry to make it easier.
15. Use fans instead of air conditioning.
16. Know a hunter/fisherman? Live with one? Eat and share sustainably-caught fish or grass-fed, organic meat (bet you never thought about sportsman that way!).
17. Use cloth diapers.
18. Redo that room using low VOC paints.
19. Eat at least 1 meatless meal per week. (try this pizza)
20. Discontinue unnecessary mail such as bills that you pay online or spam.
21. Use rechargeable batteries.
22. Replace paper napkins with a stack of cheap cloth napkins & dishrags. Buy enough for your family for at least a week.
23. Buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste.
24. Turn off appliances like TVs & computers when you’re not using them.
25. Plan your meals so you don’t waste food!
26. Create a rain barrel in your yard for watering your garden.
27. Carpool or take public transportation.
28. Switch to energy star rated appliances. (bonus: you’ll get a tax credit!)
29. Donate gently used items to Goodwill, consignment shops or other charitable organizations.
30. Hang your laundry outside to dry.
31. Use a man-powered lawn mower.
32. Fill up your own water bottle instead of buying bottled water.
33. Skip the to-go coffee cup and buy a reusable travel mug. (bonus: most places will give you a discount for using one)



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2 responses to “33 Ways to Go Green Today

  1. David

    Earth Day 40 should be both a celebration of what we have accomplished and reminder of how much work we still need to do to bring our Mother Earth back into a healthy balance. We have today more awakened citizens of Earth who know their responsibility. We also have a powerful force for continued air pollution, poisoning of our waters, destruction of our natural environment, unforgivable killing of wild life, contamination of our food chain, obstructionism by powerful lobbies to prevent long term change because of short term profit and the list goes on. Every voice is needed for humanity to speak out as a Family to stop the insanity. Thank you for what you are doing today and in the future to awaken a sleeping public.

    Keep on keeping on walking and working for the future of our planet.
    Mother Earth has given us life. Our heart beat frequency in hertz is the same as that of planet Earth/Gaia. When will we wake up and realize we are actually really scientifically spiritually One with the Life of Earth? I hope soon.

  2. deb

    i was given these as a holiday gift from a friend:


    i see them on your list, and can’t tell you how wonderful they are. they fit in my larger purse, so when i may have forgotten my stash of canvas bags, i’ve always got these fun bags ready to go. i highly recommend them, and think they’d make great teacher gifts!

    thanks for the great list of ways to go Green!

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