Building a Bridal Emergency Kit

I was my sister’s Maid of Honor when I was in college and it was the first time I was part of a wedding party. All of the bridesmaids told me it was my job to bring the “Bridal Emergency Kit.”  I remember thinking it seemed excessive to think that emergencies happen when a bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready for their walk down the isle.

Well, 6 years and many weddings later, I realized that the Bridal Emergency Kit is extremely important and almost always used.  I have experienced bridesmaids with extreme static, a bride’s broach breaking and needing to be reattached to her dress, broken dress zippers, groomsmen with loose buttons and a bride with a sudden need for a granola bar or gum.

Next time you are in charge of the bridal emergency kit, keep this list of “must haves” in mind.  You never know what is going to come up!

hand lotion
wet wipes
cotton balls or swabs
brush and comb
clear nail polish
small scissors
lint brush
earring backs
baby powder (great for covering up little stains on a white dress)
double sided tape
straws (so the the girls can stay hydrated without messing up their lipstick)
nail file
bobby pins and hair elastics
portable mirror (in case the bridal room is without one)
static-cling spray
toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
contact lens solution
mints and gum
tampons and pads
extra buttons
lip balm
a sewing kit
stain removal towelettes
Advil and Tylenol
bottled water
safety pins
granola bars or other easy-to-carry snacks
Krazy Glue (shoe heels, broken jewelry…)
insect repellent and sunblock if it is an outdoor wedding

Just throw everything into a tote or easy to carry basket and don’t forget to bring it to the reception!

Have you encountered any bridal emergencies that needed to be remedied?



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2 responses to “Building a Bridal Emergency Kit

  1. Mary

    Markers the color of your shoes come in handy if you rip the leather/fabric off the heal (like I did). I just colored it in with the marker and everything was almost like new.

  2. Amy Lee

    a GREAT TIP TO KNOW: Spit gets blood out. Random fact, but I’ve used it at not one, but…count it THREE weddings! Random scrapes or cuts, and then a white dress has a little blood spot. Remedy!?! A little spit to get it wet, the enzymes will break down the blood, and then a wet towel will wash it away! Something to have in your Bridal Emergency Kit Knowlegde!

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