Wedding Registry Essentials & Ideas

Ah, the wedding registry.  Amidst all the stress and craziness of planning a wedding it sits like a glittery beacon of goodies and fun.  Here’s a few tips and ideas to make the most of your registry:

Get Started with the Essentials:
1. Download our Wedding Registry Checklist. Consider what you already have or want to replace.
2. Determine which store(s) you want to register at. Inform your family and/or bridesmaids, as people will likely ask them for help.
3. Drag your future spouse to the store and go to town with the registry gun!!
4. Don’t be afraid to add big ticket items like a flat screen TV, dining room set or patio furniture. It’s likely that no one will buy them for you, however, many stores offer post-wedding discounts to fulfill what is left on your registry. Even 10-15% can save you big on a pricey item.
5. Keep an eye on your registry online. This way you can add more items as needed or secretly remove those 10 video games and 3 drill bit sets that your spouse-to-be gunned at the store.

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Alternative Registry Ideas:
Have everything you could ever want for your place? Lucky you! However, people will still want to give you gifts so if you don’t offer a few suggestions you might end up with a pile of gaudy bowls and Velvet Elvises. Eek! Avoid this by informing guests that you’ve chosen an alternative registry. Here are a few ideas:

1. Honeymoon It: Ask for donations to your honeymoon. Use a free site like Honeyfund which allows guests to give you monetary or activity-based “gifts” for your trip and has no service fees and no required travel bookings.
2. Give Back: Choose your favorite charity and ask that guests make a donation in you and your new partner’s name.
3. Plan a Project: Request gift cards to Home Depot or Lowe’s to put toward that big home improvement project you’ve been planning. Tell guests a little about the project so they feel like they’re giving more than a gift card.
4. Mix it Up: Choose some select things that you love from a variety of stores without traditional registries by using a site like My Registry.

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