Always a bridesmaid…has its perks!

Being a bridesmaid isn’t always angst and ill-fitting dresses. The fabulous Brooke of the Chicago Now blog Always A Bridesmaid is here to tell us why. A semi-professional wedding party participant has the skinny on all things wedding…from the non-bridal perspective.

We’ve asked her to share some thoughts with us on being a bridesmaid. Read on to hear what she has to say! You won’t be disappointed.

Why Being a Bridesmaid is Fabulous…

It’s the day every girl dreams of—the day she gets to wear the perfect white dress and walk down the aisle surrounded by loved ones towards the man she wants to be with forever. But what if you’re wearing color and you’re walking towards that guy before the bride? Life still rocks—and here are the top reasons why, coming from a nine-times-and-counting’s-a-charm bridesmaid.

1. Making Her Shine: Yes, you are there for the bride, and that means wearing the dress she wants, throwing her a bachelorette and possibly bridal shower, and being there for her to bustle her dress, pin up her hair, or get that drunk groomsman a “shot” that is actually water.  Sometimes this can be trying, but wow, can it be incredible too. Seeing a true friend glow on the biggest day in her life and knowing you helped make it great is not only rewarding, but a tale to tell your children together years down the road when you’re still friends. Plus, she owes you on your big day!

2.     More Party, Less Stress: Weddings are a blast. Typically there is an open bar, cute boys, dancing, and a good mix of people—old and young–looking to have a good time. Lucky for you, your main objective to make sure the bride is happy and beyond that, the night is yours to enjoy. When your wedding night comes, you’ll need to make sure to thank everyone and say hi to those guests that have come from far and wide, but for tonight, bridesmaid, get thyself to the dance floor…or the bar…or that cute boy.

3.     Playing Dress Up: Remember that scene in 27 Dresses with the closet full of horrors from weddings past? I’ve got good news—very rarely are brides going to make you look hideous. It’s their wedding, so of course they want their bridal party to look good. Have fun with what you’ve got. If your friend says to wear a bun, figure out what works on you—when else do you get to wear an up-do? Check out the latest Us Weekly or In Style and see what hair or makeup the celebs are rocking, and figure out how to work it on our makeup mirror at home at the salon.

4.     Solid Girl Time: Is this happening to anyone else? Every time my group of college or high school girls tries to get together, it takes about 20 emails and a span of two months to figure out a date that works and there is inevitably someone who can’t make it. Weddings are one event that everyone will try to make, and you get some quality girl time to boot—at the bridal shower, at the bachelorette party, and the precious hours before your friend forever ties her single self to her the guy she loves. Enjoy them.

5.     Practice Makes Perfect: Think of each wedding you attend as another inspiration for you to figure out what you love for your own big day. Getting married first is exciting, but it’s also a lot of pressure to be the guinea pig. Take notes, have fun, and knock their socks off when your big day comes. You’ve earned it.

Do you have any good bridesmaid tips or bridesmaid horror stories? Please share!


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