DIY Winter Wreath

This may make me less of a haute homemaker and I am a bit reluctant to share this with you, but I have no idea how to sew. This is no exaggeration. I have never threaded a needle, I’ve never sewn a button on a shirt. While I have dreams of winning Project Runway, I know it won’t happen in this lifetime. So while wandering around JoAnn fabrics, I decided to embark upon a quest of creating a winter wreath for my front door. With this wreath, I hope to fool all who enter that I am able to sew.

Possibilities are endless with this wreath. You can use Christmas fabrics and yarn or fall fabrics or all neutrals with burlap for a little bit of a rustic feel.

What you need:

12 inch foam wreath form
3 packages of yarn
floral wire
ball pins
2-3 different types of fabric

What to do:

Start by wrapping all three packages of yarn around the wreath form. (This is a bit time-consuming, wrap while watching Dancing with the Stars, it goes by faster).

Once the yarn wrapping is completed, begin cutting fabric circles with approximately 4-5 inch diameters. The circles do not need to be perfect. My wreath incorporated 20 or so circles.

To create fabric flowers, pinch middle of circle and gather at the bottom.

Using about an inch and a half of floral wire, wrap it around the bottom of the fabric.

To fix the flowers to the wreath, stick a pin straight through the center of the flower and press into the wreath form.

Alternate patterns. Fix as few or as many flowers as you would like to create the look you want.

To hang the wreath on my front door, I looped a piece of floral wire, twisting it at the bottom, slid a pin through it and inserted into the back of the wreath. If you wish to have it hang lower, you could tie it up using leftover fabric or thick ribbon.

So whether you can sew or not, this wreath may have your friends thinking you can! I plan to have this wreath warm up my front door all winter long.



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7 responses to “DIY Winter Wreath

  1. This is adorable! I can barely sew either (still trying to plan lessons from Mom!) – can’t wait to try this out!

  2. i love the flowers…such a good idea for fabric scraps! xoxo jcd

  3. This looks so cosy. It really makes you think you’ll be lovely and warm inside! I love how simple it is too. Those flowers are so easy but gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Deborah Yerby

    I thik your wreath is beautiful I can sew but do not like to. I design and make original wreaths and centerpieces to order..I likew things that are not the usual and your sweet wreath fits that “bill”.

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