Holiday Gift Guide: For Active Lifestyles

Nope, it’s not just you. The site is a little wonky looking today. Some recent upgrades to our blog platform left us in a bit of a pickle. We’re working on fixing it so thanks for your patience! In the mean time, check out our new gift guide for those energizer bunnies on your list!

Anne’s Picks: The Eco Enthusiast

Although some would argue that cleaning supplies are not a gift, I think these Meyers eco-friendly cleaning gift sets make a wonderful gift for you environmentally conscious friend.  The holiday scent makes them festive, the packaging make them adorable and the cleaning solutions make them good for mother earth.

1. Compost pail ($41.95), 2. Built lunch bag ($26.50), 3. Meyers cleaning gift set ($9.99), 4.Produce bags ($11), 5. Envirosax reusable bags ($34.95)

Katie’s Picks: The Outdoor Enthusiast

If UnderArmour were fashionably acceptable, I would wear it all the time. Really.  Their toasty and comfortable ColdGear line is a must for any runner, skiier, hunter or hiker on your list.

1. UnderArmour ColdGear tights ($50), 2. Trapper Hat ($39.50), 3.LED headlamp ($43.95), 4. SmartWool socks ($13), 5. River Rock Fire Bowl ($49), 6. Garden Hand Cream ($15)

Stef’s Picks: The Mom-on-the-Go

Help keep your favorite mom-on-the-go stay on time with this Fossil Berkeley Sport Watch. Durable and fashionable, your sporty lady can time their fastest mile and make sure they pick up the kiddos from pre-school on time. A good multi-tasker needs a good time piece.

1. Sport watch ($95), 2. SIGG water bottle ($22), 3. Mittens ($33), 4. Tempo jacket ($108), 5. Keurig coffee maker ($110), 6. Diaper bag ($70), 7. Nike Eclipse shoe ($65)



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7 responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: For Active Lifestyles

  1. I love the Built lunch bag! Genius idea!

  2. Alison

    I use the Built lunch bag and the reusable Envirosax… be sure to wash them frequently so as not to transfer bacteria from meats and produce. I also LOVE the Crabtree & Evelyn gardners cream!
    Thank for all the wonderful gift ideas you’ve been posting this week.

  3. I LOVE all of these! I fit all three catagories and just sent this link to my husband 🙂 Thanks for making my wish list so easy.

  4. kathleen

    Wow, I love the Meyer’s cleaning products. Lemon Verbena is such a refreshing and clean smell, I am sure to try these soon!

  5. the produce bags would be really useful. i use reusable grocery bags but i always feel guilty bring home more plastic for my produce.. now they need to have something for lunch meat too and id be set. jcd

  6. Katie, our lists have a lot in common! I have the smartwool socks, and they are amazing. I would wear them to work with a pair of heels if I could. So warm and comfy!

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