Holiday Gift Guide: For the Haute Hostess

It wouldn’t be an HAP gift guide without something for the haute hostess. Afterall, ’tis the season of parties! Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to come back next week for plenty of holiday cookie ideas.

Anne’s Picks

My top pick are these adorable monogrammed candles from Anthropologie.  Everyone loves a beautiful candle and the personalization is a nice touch.  Willing to spend a little more?  Spell out a holiday word such as JOY or HO HO HO.

1. Cupcake Kit ($12), 2. Cheese markers ($9.95), 3. Your Mother was Right ($13.99), 4. Snow globe ($25), 5. Monogram votive ($10)

Katie’s Picks

I’d give the nod to The Spice House gift boxes. Once you start with high quality spices you’ll never go back and neither will your favorite hostess. The Spice House has sets for anyone from the grill aficionado to the baking queen.  If you’re in the Milwaukee-Chicago areas you can pop over to the storefront and mix-and-match a box of your personal faves.  For $1-2 they’ll even wrap up your box and pack it with extra freebies like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and bay leaves.

1. Spice gift box ($20-50), 2. Felt Merry Coasters ($28), 3. Linnea’s Light’s Fir Candle ($29), 4. Entertaining Platters ($29), 5. Nifty napkins ($32)

Stef’s Picks

My friends, if you have not been over to, go now. This website is filled with adorable and affordable gifts perfect for the Haute Hostess. It doesn’t get much cuter than this chalkboard jam pot. Fill it with a little homemade jam and write a Christmas wish for your holiday hostess with the mostest.

1. Bird cage tea towel ($14), 2. Gold mosaic ice bucket ($20-30), 3. Antique glass ornaments ($5.95), 4. Le Creuset dutch oven ($129.95), 5. Chalkboard jam pot ($18), 6. Expensive Christmas wine ($25)



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3 responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Haute Hostess

  1. Love this round up! As a frequent haute hostess myself, I would like one of everything. Better get that over to Santa stat. 🙂

  2. Love the ideas! If you do opt for some wine, head over to Thief in Shorewood or the Public Market. Phil & Amy are awesome and can introduce you to wines you may have never heard of. If you go, tell them both Sonoma County misses them.

  3. love love the tray set from west elm, the bee/honeycomb patterns are so cute. xoxo jcd

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