Picture Perfect Valentines

Every year, we send valentines to family and friends and I was getting a little tired of the same old Valentine’s Day selection. So, I decided to create my own Valentine’s using things I had around the house: my camera, my photogenic 2 year old and a cute pink polka dot sweater. I will admit, I did go out and purchase a red heart shaped pillow from the $2.50 bin at target, but luckily that didn’t break the bank.

I started by creating our very own photo studio by moving some furniture away from the wall and pulling a fluffy white rug into the corner. Then, I just turned on some music and let my daughter be herself – all while snapping loads of pictures on a sunny Saturday morning. I took over 50 pictures in order to get just the right one. Here were some of our outtakes:

Finally I took these pictures and immediately knew I had what I wanted. My daughter played along as I told her to play peek a boo with the pillow.

Stef helped me create some Photoshop magic be erasing the line created by the corner of the wall and adding the wording. This is what we came up with!

Once I had my pictures, I created a double sided postcard by sending the pictures off to an online printer (we used overnightprints.com). We got 25, 5×7 double sided postcards with envelopes for $13.70. That is only $.55 per card!

Inexpensive and personalized Valentine’s your friends and family will love.



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8 responses to “Picture Perfect Valentines

  1. Kellie

    Anne, that picture where she’s hugging the pillow is ADORABLE! Such a cute idea!

  2. Brie

    OMG…these are ADORABLE!!! Such a great idea, and isla is SO sweet in these pictures!!!

  3. Anne you are so clever!!!!!! I wish I’d thought of this!
    You are amazing as always……
    xo c

  4. Caseylaine

    HI there, great idea! Can you tell me what font you used on the cards? And if it was a purchased font package maybe a link :-> pretty please with a conversation heart on top!!

  5. Claire

    This is a Valentine that will be cherished for many years to come! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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  7. Particularly instructive….look frontward to coming back again.

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