Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids & Pets

Anne’s Picks

For the little girl in your life, you can’t go wrong with a pair of fringe boots.  Warning: if your little girl is anything like mine, putting these cute boots on will also add a touch of sass to her attitude.  You also can’t go wrong with any of the Olivia books which documents the adventures of a smart and creative little girl.

1. Olivia book ($18)  2. Fill and Spill Picnic Basket ($25)  3. Wee Wonderfuls Fern doll ($39)  4. Fleece Mouse Robe ($40)  5. Tall Boot ($30)  

Stef’s Picks

For the budding chef in your life, the MiMi the Sardine organic cooking aprons are the perfect gift. They are super easy to wipe off and have adjustable ties, so the apron grows with your little one. I’m also a big fan of the kid-tough Fisher Price digital cameras. Now your mini Ansel Adams can keep his paws off your camera and create his own masterpiece.

1. Curious George Matching Game ($8)  2. Train Sound Puzzle ($11)  3. Veggie Tales Christmas Collection ($15)  4. Organic Cotton Child’s Apron ($20)  5. Kid’s Digital Camera ($38)  6. Battatt Bristle Block Set ($24) 

Katie’s Picks

I’ll always have a soft spot for sparkly pet collars but this year I’m also intrigued by the Bolt laser toy.  Whether you’ve got a dog or a cat, your furry companion will be very entertained by this laser pointer.  The best part?  You’ll be equally entertained by their antics as they chase the beam around your home.

1. Chevron Pet Bed Cover ($59) 2. Sparkle Dog Collar ($23)  3. Interactive Laser Pet Toy ($16)  4. Cat Scratcher Lounge ($49.95)  5. Soggy Doggy Slopmat ($24.95)



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3 responses to “Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids & Pets

  1. lizinwfb

    I love all of your suggestions. If my little girl wasn’t almost 19, those darling pink boots would be under our tree! They rock. Keep the ideas coming! We need teen and college ideas.

  2. I have two cats, and the Bolt laser toy really does work well.

  3. Davis Lournes

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