Holiday Gift Guide: For the Enthusiast

Anne’s Picks: for the Homemaker

Most homemakers love serving their creations in a creative way which is why  my top pick is a versatile soup and sandwich tray.  Can not only be used for soup and sandwiches but also for morning oatmeal and fruit, ice cream and apple pie or salad and croissant…the possibilities are endless!  You also can’t go wring with the Capri Blue Candle from Anthropologie.  It is the perfect scent for any home.

1. Soup & Sandwich Tray Duo ($30)  2. Flavor-infused Mayonnaise ($7)  3. Capri Blue candle ($25)  4. Waffle Dipper Pan ($13)  5. Storybook Romance Dishtowels ($42) 

Katie’s Picks: for the Workaholic

My job has required demanding hours this year so any gift that makes my day a little more manageable – whether it’s time, travel or stress friendly – is high on my list. For your workaholic friends or family, I’d give a double de-stresser and pair Aveda’s heavenly Stress-fix rollerball concentrate with a subscription to Yogaglo’s online yoga classes.  Both will help them relax at home after a hectic day and are completely travel-friendly for business trips.

1. Fix, Freeze, Feast Cookbook ($10)  2. Travel Thermos ($31)  3. Yogaglo subscription (from $18) 4. Bose headphones ($135)  5. Stress-fix concentrate ($22)  6. iPad case ($19.50)  7. Paula custom duffel ($225)

Stef’s Picks: For the Do-It-Yourselfer

For all of those people out there that love to craft, paint, knit, cook crazy things from scratch and marvel at their own masterpieces, I bring you the gift guide for the DIYers. Surprise the independent in your life with a gift certificate to Arte Paint and Wine Bar. If you don’t live in the Milwaukee area, search for paint and wine bars in your area, they are popping up everywhere. They will get a blank canvas, some painting instructions and wine galore. If the piece doesn’t turn out like Van Gogh’s, you can blame it on the wine.

1. Arte Wine Bar & Art Studio class (prices vary)  2. Cricut Create machine ($129)  3. Created with Love stamp ($20)  4. Wilton decorating set ($48)  5. DIY Butter Making Kit ($30)  6. Keep Calm and Craft On Sign ($8) 


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