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Coconut Ice Cream Boulders with Hot Fudge Sauce

Summer is the perfect time to host outdoor dinner parties, but not the perfect time to turn on your oven.  Meals on the grill are a no brainer, but dessert can be a little trickier.  This is my go to summer dessert.  The coconut covered ice cream balls and fudge can be made in advance.  All you need to do is plate the ice cream, heat up the fudge and pour on top.

Coconut Ice Cream Boulders with Hot Fudge Sauce

1 gallon vanilla ice cream
4 cups sweetened coconut
velvety hot fudge sauce
whipped cream and strawberries for garnish

Begin by toasting your coconut either in a pan on your stove or in the oven spread out on a baking sheet.  Cook it very slowly on a low heat (or about 300 degrees) and check often to ensure it doesn’t burn.  Remove from pan when it is lightly brown and toasted.

Scoop out about 1 cup of ice cream with an ice cream scoop.  Mold it into a ball using your hands – think making a snow ball without mittens – it is cold!  Place your finished ice cream balls in the freezer to harden.  Make 6 balls, or as many as you need.

Once they have had a chance to harden, remove them from the freezer and roll in the toasted coconut.  Completely coat each ice cream ball and put back in the freezer.  I like to place each one in an individual baggie or wrap it in saran wrap.

Now, whip up some of the velvety hot fudge sauce and try not to eat it all before your guests arrive.  If you are making the fudge in advance, store it in the fridge and then just reheat when you are ready to use.

Place each Ice Cream Ball on a plate and smother with the hot fudge.

Garnish with a strawberry and whipped cream.

Coconut not your thing?  Try rolling the ice cream in your favorite crushed candy bar or toasted and chopped pecans.  Get as creative as you like with this simple recipe!


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