Retail Replicate: DIY Moss Topiary

When it comes to spring decor, I’m not really a bunnies-and-eggs kind of girl.  I tend to opt for natural, earthy items in wishful hopes that I can make the warm weather come faster.

So on recent stroll through Pottery Barn while ogling their rustic farmhouse accessories I spotted some fun moss topiaries and thought “I could totally make those.” I often say this and rarely actually do it (c’mon, you know you do it too) but this was just too easy to pass up…plus, it was a perfect way to get my spring fix.
How to Make a Moss Topiary

What you’ll need:
4″ and/or 5″ styrofoam floral ball
styrofoam square
sheet moss
green embroidery thread (match color to moss)
twig (approximately finger width in size)
4″ and/or 5″ clay pot
newspaper or other stiff paper

I cut my plastic sheet and place a chunk of sheet moss on the ball. Holding onto the moss, use your thumb to hold the end of the embroidery thread onto the middle of the moss. Wrap the thread around the ball repeatedly, varying the direction of your wrap to hold the moss in place and flatten out major lumps. Repeat the process several times until the whole ball is covered and fairly uniform in shape. Use your fingers or a needle to run the thread under existing wraps and tie it off.

DIY spring decor

Trim foam square to fit inside your pot. Place the square in the bottom of the pot and fill in empty space with newspaper (I used torn up brown paper bags). Cut twig to desired height with a garden shears. Push one end into the moss ball and the other end into the foam square in the pot and straighten. Add more paper to support the twig and add volume if needed.

Trim burlap into a square and wrap around pot, folding fabric over itself to create a tight wrap. Secure with ribbon and trim excess burlap at the top to desired height.

DIY Moss Topiary

If you have extra moss or don’t feel like dealing with the burlap, here are two other options that could substitute for or complement your topiaries around your house! Swapping decorative elements in a simple hurricane vase is a cheap and easy way to change up your seasonal decor.
Moss Balls in Pots, Spring Decor



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4 responses to “Retail Replicate: DIY Moss Topiary

  1. Jane

    Your creative juices are really cooking this week!

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  4. Really nice D.I.Y I’ll be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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